JK_Divas Song_Install_19_72dpi.jpg
LY-005a, Top Secret Hamburger, 2009, Stainless steel, 37x66x66in.jpg
K-001_Aroma Exersize_2010_85x122 inches_Acrylic_screen printing_sumi_on_canvas.jpg
AG-035, Jerry Saltz...Jerry Saltz..., 2012, graph-acryl on paper, 22x30 72dpi WHT.jpeg
9 Lo Res.jpg
CG-081_You Are Happy and Fulfilled_2014_Monitors, TV mounts, DVD players, and 15-minute video (looped)_Installation view 1_72dpi.jpg
Film Still 8.jpg
See Saw_Installation1.jpg
EJ_020, Diana and the Lioness,  72dpi.jpg
CG-071_Cave Feminist (Pre-Awakening)_2014_36x24x3.5inches_Wood,marble,monitor,HD player,9 minute video, looped_72dpi.jpg
FM_NOTHING_Installation view 11_72dpi.jpg
Out of the blue_72.jpg
MS-116_Astronaut No. 3_Oil on canvas_78 x 108 inches.png
Screen Shot 2017-05-26 at 3.29.09  PM.png
Installation 007.jpg
JK-021_Now, Sugar_2015_Acrylic mural_Dimensions_variable_72dpi.jpg
Open Letter_72.jpg
APS-001_Hit or Miss_2015_Mixed media_54x60x21in_72dpi.jpg
Nitsch #11 low res - Copy.jpg
JV-017 Happy Lovers, 2012, Oil on Canvas 79 x 79in 72dpi.jpg
KD GYM Install 06 72dpi.jpg
Kaleidoscopic Courtship.jpg
KD for Lori 3.jpg
SG-007, Wasserman, 2009, Oil and mixed media on canvas, 79x98in, 72dpi.jpg
F.I.T. 2.jpg
MS, INST, Failures 2011, 7.jpg
Hanging Valley.jpg
MB-057_in the meantime... VIII_detail_2016_Hand cut stainless steel with artists frame_80x48in_72dpi.jpg
4 copy.jpg
Nitsch #1 - 72dpi.jpg
Damien Cabanes 006.jpg
Operetta inside Atom.jpg
CV-001 Untitled; Couple, 2007 oil on canvas, 72 x 60 in 72 dpi.jpg
MB_013_Model for cell skeleton_2013_side view2_steelcooperandstainless steel_38x36x39_72dpi.jpg
MZ_New Order_Install 2_72dpi.jpg
Objects and Everday Goods_Installation view_12_72dpi.jpg
DS-014_Nude And Goat_2016_Oil on canvas_66x92in_72dpi_cropped.jpg
MS_I Love America_Install 7_72dpi.jpg
VM-032, Transubstantiation 5, 2010, oil on canvas, 72x96in.jpg
LY-013, Propaganda Machine, 2009, Stainless steel, 46x43x27in.jpg
MB_017_Prototype II_2013_Graphiteinksteelandcopperonpaper_71_5x1_5x47_5_72dpi.jpg
PB-006 I must have been insane to go skating...,  2008 (Acrylic and oil on black steel, 78.75 x 59 in.), 72dpi.jpg
Contemplations of Padre Pio.jpg
Screen Shot 2017-05-26 at 3.10.45 PM.png
MZ_New Order_Install 13_72dpi.jpg
Tb, 14, Actual Virtual, Install, 2011.jpg
TF-Design Boom 3.jpg
TF-172_Billboard_2014_Powder-coated laser-cut steel_Plexiglas_and_painted-aluminum_120x180.375x1.675in_72dpi.jpg
Hastle Whitey.jpg
PL-013 Mad Mask, Good For You Son, 2012 Acrylic on magazine paper 17 3-4 x 15 1-2 x 2 in 72 dpi.JPG
TB-027, Cosmic Comics, 2011, Acrylic, flashe, oil enamel, spray paint, and oil on canvas, 85x100in, 72dpi.jpg
New Material Installation 1.jpg
The Mad Masters 14.jpg
Nitsch #96.jpg
Girl with Animal #2.jpg
CG-075_The Circle of Life as a Rectangle_2014_Laminate, spandex, resin, spray paint, wood, video projector, HD player, 2 hour video (looped)_install view 4_72dpi.jpg
CG-081_You are Happy and Fulfilled_2014_Wood,monitors,dvd players,15 minute video (looped)_72dpi.jpg